shoop_80x80.jpgMy name is Hoo Shao Pin. One of my best friends, Chao, coined my online nick “Shoop” almost a decade back. My friends call me Shoop. But Shoop is not unique enough a name (try googling it) and I needed to carve out a part of the Net that is mine. Hence, Shoop got expanded to Shooperman, as I have expanded (horizontally) over the years 😉

Now, you can google “shooperman” and see all at once what I’m up to.

Circa December 2006, I’ve learnt about Peak Oil and realized from that point that my life will change. Sometime in July 2006, I started blogging about it at SingaporePeakOil. Soon, fellow peakoilers in Singapore found out about it. We got together online at the Singapore Peak Oil Group (SPOG).

If you page through the “shooperman” google results, you’ll see that I’m in the web applications development business. I’ve re-started my business for over a year. It only has a blog right now because I didn’t want a ‘mission, vision, passion’ kind of website. That’s all bull to me. Since I’ve had a chance to start all over again with Spiragram, I want do it right. A business ought to be built on top of good people who have good ideas. In Singapore, it’s tough to get good people who believe in taking the time to build up something great. I don’t mind, I’ll take my time.

Beside these two formal pursuits, I do quite a number of things on the side. I’m an avid reader, watches a tonne of movies and likes to listen to canto-pop. And of late, I’ve been taking to exercising too.


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