Party #2 – Family

X’mas came early for the kids this year because mom has booked them for a holiday trip in Korea leaving tomorrow. It’s a potluck and Shu Yee coordinated the dishes amongst us, with Shu Min getting away with just a log cake. On my list: fried beehoon, meatballs, sausages, mashed potatoes and cheese toasts, mainly catering to the kids. Yee has a maid so she does the poh piah. Mom did her ngoh hiong and sweet dumpling soup (湯圓) for the winter solstice.

I was over-confident and only started cooking at 9.30am (party’s at noon) after a morning swim. Boy, I didn’t recall cooking was so, erm, challenging. It was already 10.30 when the first wok of bee hoon was done.


This is one of the first dishes I learnt how to cook from mom. This time round though, I used chicken stock instead of boiled water, making the bee hoon a lot more fragrant than the norm. This is the carbo dish for the adults.

As I knew I was going to be late, I stopped taking pictures along the way. And it was a real mad rush to bake the meatballs (30 min), grill the sausages, toast the bread, mash like 14 potatoes and make the gravy. The results? Ta-da…


At 12:40, we finally got to head out for mom’s place. I kept thinking why I blew my timing. Not that I’m anal about it, but I have a more challenging meal to prepare this Sunday. And, today’s dishes was simple. Yep Nee reassured me it’s the bee hoon. But hey, coming from someone who doesn’t cook much, it wasn’t very reassuring. Think I’ll buffer another 90 minutes into my original cooking plan for Sunday.


Mom’s big dining table was put into good use today. Yes, we overcooked again and there was more than enough food for 11 adults and 9 kids. Good thing Yee had another party in the evening, she took my 2nd tray of beehoon to that.


Turns out, what Gerald (furthest top left) and Madeleine (bottom right) told me about their favourite dishes are the kinds of answers they put in their homework – simple and totally convenient. Yep, they didn’t really liked meatballs and the creamy mashed potatoes. What to do, Chinese kids. The beehoon was popular though.

After the meal, I jumped in and played some games with them. There were 2 P3s, 4 P1s, 2 K2s and 1 nursery girl. I taught them how to play charades, this was a game none of them knew. Then we played Find The Killer (the blinking one) but I realised they cannot really hack it. It was quite fun but only lasted 45 minutes because the pull from the presents under the Xmas tree was just too strong.


Min’s mother-in-law, who’s a seamstress for school plays happened to have spare material to make a traditional Korean outfit for Madeleine. She looks ready to jump into one of those Korean sob-dramas, doesn’t she? We all agreed it was her single-eyelids that did the trick 🙂


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