Let the festivities begin!

First salvo was the office’s party just this evening. I halted all work at 4pm, being this year’s Secret Santa organiser … we originally wanted each colleague only buy a present for another anonymous co-worker. Each person gets assigned a Looney Tunes character (Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, etc) and writes out a choices of 3 gifts.  Here’s what the tree looked like at 4pm…


No, we didn’t have 50 people in the company, only 14 of us. But some of us, including myself, felt like giving to everyone else. Here’s Boon Tat, our tech chief happily grinning with his brand new cordless laser mouse (geek!)


And here’s YN, my sales manager and girlfriend, posing happily with her new Swatch.


And here’s Elaine and Viv waving their what-you-call-it lotion/moisturizer/base dunno-what… They’re happy 🙂


And finally, there’s the round of pizzas, ham, ribs, wings, soda and fruits to make sure everyone gets home full and satisfied. Dinner was very different from the past, this year, folks were more chatty (I got some of them a little drunk on wine), we made the Christians say grace, played some games, and voted the King and Queen of Bashful-ville too.



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