the old mph

Those of you over 30 years old should know about the old MPH bookstore at Stamford House. What you didn’t know is that some 27 years back, it brought in one of the first demos of the original Apple computer and put it on display.

How do I know? Well, the bunch of us from now-defunct Henderson Primary School would spend our days after school, crowding around the demo. There’s Peter, Ng Hai, JT and me. What do we do? Well, I recalled we learnt to program in Basic on hand. Peter and Hai are especially gifted in this sort of things. They would hog the demo and try out their programs. I couldn’t recall what they did though, perhaps they never made it through debugging, ha!

Subsequently, some of us got our Apple Is or ][s. We started sharing stuff like games over cassette tapes and the collectible Beagle Bros. zines. Those days were way way cooler than the fragging non-thinking zombies that we’re turning our kids into.


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