Sideways, what an apt title for a movie about 2 middle aged friends on a road trip tasting wine, playing golf and knocking up girls (well, one of them actually, the one getting married).

I learned a little bit about wine from the movie: how Pinot should be appreciated more than Cabernet because the grapes are thin-skinned and easily affected by changes in the weather. Hence, it’s really harder to make good Pinot versus anything else. Interesting, eh? That made me wanted to go out and get a bottle of Pinot-anything. I guess I am attracted to products of great effort and made with a lot of heart. I heard from a marathoner friend that wine helps with building up your cardiovascular capacity too.

I also heard this description of Maya, “she’s full of soul” from the movie. I know it’s quite a common adjective but I’ve just not thought about it for so long. I think that’s what I’m looking for: someone with a lot of soul.


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