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Just spent some time at my folks reading last week’s chinese evening papers, catching up on the suicide case of a Mr JS Tan.

The gist of the case for Tan is that he is $1,000 in arrears of his utilities, town council and children’s school fees, went out to look for money and decided to throw himself onto an oncoming train. Because of how he died, his story was picked up by the local press. I don’t think the story was sensationalized. But in the evening news, a total of $500,000 was donated at Tan’s funeral.

$500,000. Against a $1,000 debt which drove the man to his demise. If there’s a choice, wouldn’t it be better to find the man $1,000 before that fateful day? It’s such a pity that a man’s life is worth so little when he’s still alive.

One other thing I heard on the grapevine is how town councils would engage law firms to deal with errant bills. While I’m not certain this is what happened to Tan, but hey, if a family choose not to pay their council bills, it’s because they’re using that money on food, ok! So stop being behaving like a commercial company and take on a more congenial role of helping the less fortunate people in the community. Solve the problem when it’s a $1,000-problem, a man’s life is worth infinitely more than that.


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