working out everyday

Was planning to head for the gym today but Yep Nee managed to sign a new deal! We’ve talked about celebrating new deals and decided to do it today, albeit, a partial celebration (Many of our colleagues are staunch family people and goes home for dinner very day, unless you pre-book them a week ahead).

So, we rounded up the usual suspects: Chardy, Vivien and Angela and headed to Maché for dinner. It was a great gathering. Very good chat. And in the end, I was satisfied except for the regret for eating a tad too much.

ipod.jpgHence, I decided to talk a walk back home. Luckily, I was equipped: my 3G iPod will supply the workout entertainment while MacBook-stuffed sling bag will provide some drag.

The brisk walk took about 30 minutes. I think just about enough to take away that piece of pork steak I had. Uh-hum, I didn’t just eat one piece of pork steak, but the rest will have to wait for another workout to burn 😉


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