My next car

I’m driving my 6th car now. I’m not saying this to brag but to stress how utterly stupid and wasteful I am previously. I’ve just made a decision to sell my Toyota when I run out it’s road tax and insurance sometime Feb 2007.

By then I hope someone will bring this into Singapore. Isn’t it the cutest car you’ve ever seen? Introducing my next car, the G-Wiz: it runs on batteries, goes about 65km per charge, costs about £7,000 in the UK and I think it’s made in India.


  1. very interesting car. must become a big hit if someone bring in to singapore.

    I went to test drive “Mitshubishi I” do you have any comment about this new babe?

  2. your next car – brighter color will suits better for that design. not black. 🙂

  3. keep us posted for new update, very interesting car.

  4. Hi pink_ginger,

    I just checked out the Mitsubishi I. It looks great but it’s still runs on petroleum, which means you are still beholden to highly volatile oil prices and carbon emission.

    I was actually thinking hard about the Prius (it’s available in Singapore now for S$80k+) but my ultimate preference is to go for a fully electric car.

    Why? For a start, I could add some thin-film solar panels so it could ‘recharge’ itself when I park it in the open. And carbon emission is, of course, the lowest possible.

    Will definitely find out how I can get the car into Singapore and keep everyone posted here.

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