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something is wrong

Just spent some time at my folks reading last week’s chinese evening papers, catching up on the suicide case of a Mr JS Tan.

The gist of the case for Tan is that he is $1,000 in arrears of his utilities, town council and children’s school fees, went out to look for money and decided to throw himself onto an oncoming train. Because of how he died, his story was picked up by the local press. I don’t think the story was sensationalized. But in the evening news, a total of $500,000 was donated at Tan’s funeral.

$500,000. Against a $1,000 debt which drove the man to his demise. If there’s a choice, wouldn’t it be better to find the man $1,000 before that fateful day? It’s such a pity that a man’s life is worth so little when he’s still alive.

One other thing I heard on the grapevine is how town councils would engage law firms to deal with errant bills. While I’m not certain this is what happened to Tan, but hey, if a family choose not to pay their council bills, it’s because they’re using that money on food, ok! So stop being behaving like a commercial company and take on a more congenial role of helping the less fortunate people in the community. Solve the problem when it’s a $1,000-problem, a man’s life is worth infinitely more than that.

back at the haze


The haze has been hanging around for what? Two weeks now? Sometimes, you try to be the good citizen and lower your carbon emission by walking home, and what happens is you get dirty air in return.

Today, I decided to even things out a little by puffing my smog as I take that walk back home. 😉

you are what you read

I run my own business and as a result, had the opportunity to coach my colleagues in the course of their work. Over a decade now, I’ve observed most adults simply don’t read enough to catch up. Sometimes, it seems to me that they avoid reading intentionally by filling up time with TV, movies, shopping and chit-chat.

Trust me, I’m not against TV, shopping and chit-chat. But there has to be a good mix of reading involved. A good benchmark would be if you’ve read a book in the last 6-12 months.

In my line of work, I see many smart individuals falling behind the technology curve after 3 years, all because they couldn’t be bothered to read to keep up with the industry. Amongst my friends, I see many choosing to focus their energy on their children’s pre-school and early primary homework, ignoring the development of their own ability to understand the world around us.

Please ReadGiven the people I interact with, I feel this to be a serious matter.

Serious enough for our country’s Total Defense committee to single it out and blare it out to Singaporeans on public buses that you should be “reading something useful.”

Sarcasm aside, I sincerely want to encourage you to pick up a book that is in the area of your current interest, and set aside 10-20 minutes a day to read it.



Today is my second younger sister’s wedding day. Well, technically, it’s on Saturday since they did the customary and solemnization on that special day, followed by the dinner tonight. This sister of mine has always had the attitude – she seldom smiles and is frequently stern. But these 2 days, she’s all cheery and bubbly. She must be very happy. So am I.

working out everyday

Was planning to head for the gym today but Yep Nee managed to sign a new deal! We’ve talked about celebrating new deals and decided to do it today, albeit, a partial celebration (Many of our colleagues are staunch family people and goes home for dinner very day, unless you pre-book them a week ahead).

So, we rounded up the usual suspects: Chardy, Vivien and Angela and headed to Maché for dinner. It was a great gathering. Very good chat. And in the end, I was satisfied except for the regret for eating a tad too much.

ipod.jpgHence, I decided to talk a walk back home. Luckily, I was equipped: my 3G iPod will supply the workout entertainment while MacBook-stuffed sling bag will provide some drag.

The brisk walk took about 30 minutes. I think just about enough to take away that piece of pork steak I had. Uh-hum, I didn’t just eat one piece of pork steak, but the rest will have to wait for another workout to burn 😉

cheering up


I tell you, there’s really nothing funnier than a guy stubbled guy in a dress that can cheer me up for an entire day!

After almost a decade’s dosage of Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) high school friend who starred in almost of his comedies as the “stubbled guy in a dress”, it’s Apple’s turn to pick it up where Stephen left off.

The thing is Harry and Sally only got together after 12 years. It was meant to be, well, in the script at least.

There’s really no need to hurry into anything, I guess.

My next car

I’m driving my 6th car now. I’m not saying this to brag but to stress how utterly stupid and wasteful I am previously. I’ve just made a decision to sell my Toyota when I run out it’s road tax and insurance sometime Feb 2007.

By then I hope someone will bring this into Singapore. Isn’t it the cutest car you’ve ever seen? Introducing my next car, the G-Wiz: it runs on batteries, goes about 65km per charge, costs about £7,000 in the UK and I think it’s made in India.