The other benefit of exercising

I’ve been hit by the fitness bug this last week. Let’s see what I’ve done: walked from Takashimaya to Lavender (2x), cycled a total of 10km, did 2 evenings of the stepper machine at the gym, played badminton, and probably tennis again tomorrow.

The ‘other’ benefit of exercising that I want to talk to you about is that it lifts you from your worries. For some months now, I’ve been quite burdened with somewhat heavy topics like the end of cheap oil, running 2 projects concurrently and stuff. The end result is that I started procrastinating, which I didn’t like.

Interestingly, I found that my light exercise routine lifted my mind somewhat. It ‘felt’ good after a workout, no matter what the problem was.

I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow! You’ve had a very busy week. glad you exercise a lot. Badminton, especially, is a lot of fun! Good luck. 😀

  2. Teng Hin

    You should try jogging/running 8D It helps to clear your mind while you are at it.

  3. ladybug: Thanks for the encouragement. Badminton, I found out, was actually more tiring than tennis. Think I’ll do that more often.

    Teng Hin: Are you the same Teng Hin that I know? If so, how’s life going for you, still programming for a living? I hope to really start running as soon as my long-rested physical is tuned for it again.

  4. Teng Hin

    yeah the 1 that you knew. still pretty much the same and slavery to work. use a hrm. do brisk walking at 70-75% of hr, will help to reduce weight pretty quickly 🙂 as for myself, training for full marathon this year. ran half last year and army half marathon this year. more challenges to come. :p

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