man rides, woman overrides

Came across Jory Squibb’s Moonbeam homepage, a project website documenting Jory’s year-long journey in building a 100mpg (miles per gallon) vehicle assembled from 2 used vespas.

Here’s Jory, brimming with pride on his new-born:

I admit,  this guy looks pretty content.  A very intense year of half-time work has come to an end.  Now it’s just drive drive drive and work out any kinks.

After completing the first prototype, Jory mentioned how he wanted to ride it Boston’s Altwheel Festival:

He maps out his route…

I  hope to leave Camden, Maine at 6AM on Thursday, September 21 and drive the 192 miles to Lars Anderson Museum in Brookline Mass.

I expect to consume less than 2 gallons of gas for the entire trip.

There, I’ll attend the Altwheels Transportation Festival, starting with thursday’s  vehicle caravan to MIT, overnight at MIT, and then on Friday, joining the show-and-tell at Boston City Hall plaza.

The anticipation shows…

I hope to meet many fellow-travellors (like yourself!) there!

But in the end…

Alas, driving Moonbeam on the expressway, with its 45 MPH minimum,  was wisely kyboshed by my wife.  Moonbeam will  come to Boston by trailer.   Sigh….

He’s veto’ed by his significant other.

The feeling is uncannily familiar.


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