the interim-dream

Was with a couple of friends talking about the notion of ‘dreams’ and it turns out that money is involved in all of them. Well, we’re not really all that hard-up for cash but the fact is that we’re all tied to some ‘cost-of-living’ here and in order to pursue our dreams, we will need cash to pay the rent, the ride, parents, food, etc.

Hence, the interim-dream.

The interim-dream is about being financially independent, i.e. not having to hold down a salaried job to pay for one’s living expenses.

All 3 of us agreed that $2 million is just about enough to bring about that financial independence.

So now, the only problem that’s left is to make that $2 million.


  1. Interesting.

    I was just discussing this with my wife couple of days back.

    We have an interim’s interim-dream.

    It is essentially a short term goal where we focus most of our energies on.

    Instead of thinking, financial independece which is the interim dream, the goal first and foremost is to build enough buffer to sustain current lifestyle for 6 years.

    This buffer must be enough to cover daily expenses and also the main mortgage.

    Some will ask, “Why 6 years?”

    6 years is the time needed to see an economy turnaround.

    And it is also during bad times, that we start asking what we want to do with our lives. Those could be a turning point and one could be embarking on a different journey.

  2. You’re right. I’ve actually left out how I setup to embark on the road to financial independence.

    First, I sold all my debts. That’s right, I’m close to being debtless now except for the car.

    Second, I minimized my expenditure. I used this system called “stacking back” to track my expenses so I don’t exceed.

    Third, I maximized my revenue potential, well, this is underworks too 😉

    I thought 6 years is a little long. Personally, I’m operating on a 3-4 year outlook now. Beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess.

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