Going green

I’ve been a little obsessed with how much electricity I use running my life as I do now.

I own a tiny web application development company and we run 5 servers 24×7. The server room is airconditioned 24×7. The office is airconditioned 9×5. My study is airconditioned 5×7. My bedroom is airconditioned 8×7. Then of course, there’s the washing machine and dryer, refrigerator, wifi, TV, etc, etc.

I think I use too much electricity for one person.

And even if I can well afford the bills, I don’t think I should continue living like this. It’s wrong.

So, today, I’m starting my little project to wean myself off electricity. To kick it off, I bought 2 38w fans for my study, one to pull air in and the other to pump it out. So far, so good. It’s quite comfortable actually.

Now, let me show you the math:

  • Aircon: 3.4kW * 5hrs/day * 30days * $0.2115 = $107.86
  • Fan: 0.076kW * 5hrs/day * 30days *$0.2115 = $2.41

This works out to a savings of $105.45 per month! The fans set me back about $40 each so all in all, they should pay for themselves in a month’s time.


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