inauguration piece

ok, ok, to support the current blog tagline – what-to-eat’s, what-to-buy’s and how-to-get-there’s – I’m going to give all you KL food-lovers one *big* tip here. Geylang Lorong 15 has one of the most authentic KL-styled fried black noodles (a.k.a. dai-lok-meen in cantonese) and a number of other yum+ KL dishes. If you walk down Lor 15 from either end, you will not miss this store’s bright yellow signage shouting “KL NOODLE” in your face.

I was just there with Keat and it’s good. Note: I know I should’ve take pictures but I was afraid the old men around there mistakening me as a PI.

Another tip, once you’ve had enough of the black noodles, give the KL-style fried rice a shot – it’s actually olive fried rice with chopped long beans, lup-cheong (chinese sausage), crispy ikan bilis and salted fish. Don’t forget to ask the waitress for the accompanying belachan chilli, goes well with everything on the menu.


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