google envy

Till today, I thought Google is one helluva cool technology company.

Then I found out about from this Wired interview with Larry Brilliant,’s newly appointed executive director. I just gotta share some very inspiring quotes from Larry here:

On how is funded:
One percent of the equity, 1 percent of the profits, and 1 percent of the people go into The most important asset isn’t money, it’s people.

On wired’s doubt about engineers solving big problems:
Many of the issues we face in dealing with rapid climate change are well suited to an engineering mind.

On how google’s current motto “Don’t Be Evil” might change:
We are trying to change that to: Do something really, really, really good.

Already, I’m brimming with pride just to be in the same ballpark of an industry as google – go google!

Subtext: on comparison, some governments can’t even be bothered with making life better for the worst-off 20% of the population, rely on its citizens’ donation to subsidise healthcare for the needy and really believing that ‘allowing’ its citizens to retire to a lower-cost foreign island within 2 hours to healthcare here to be a ‘benefit’.


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